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What is Praise & Preparedness?

In times of crisis, many people look to faith-based organizations for guidance and support. In addition, congregations often play an integral role in local readiness and recovery, providing shelter and supplies before and after disasters.

Launched in January 2014, Praise & Preparedness is a statewide program from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA) that provides faith-based organizations with the tools they need to take action to prepare for a disaster. GEMA is the state agency that is responsible for emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and special events.

A key component is the Praise & Preparedness Partnership Program, which offers three ways to ensure your house of worship is prepared for unexpected events:

  • Facility Safety: Conduct a facility safety assessment and complete or update the emergency plan for all the congregational buildings.
  • Congregant Safety: Encourage members of the congregation to follow three simple steps to get their families and homes ready for at least 72 hours following emergencies: Prepare a kit of emergency supplies, create an emergency communications plan, and stay informed about potential threats and their appropriate responses.
  • Community Involvement: Explore new opportunities for the congregation to become involved in community emergency disaster relief efforts, feeding and sheltering programs.

Learn more about the partnership program and the requirements to become a partner. You also can download resources that will aid you in achieving the goal of becoming a Praise & Preparedness partner with GEMA in the “Tools” portion of the website.